Jenny and Jimbob are creatures of creativity. Residing somewhere in Los Angeles, these lovebirds have set out on a mission to masterfully transform the ordinary into magical. Their intuitive collection of Outrageously Original Matchbox Necklaces poke fun at the obvious while shining a bright light on the less noticeable areas of life. With their unique presentation, anything icky, or unbearably boring, anything creepy, or perkily unapproachable, become adorable and affordable objects of admiration. Jenny and Jimbob’s unique packaging creates a valid reason to wear, a gold toilet around your neck.


Jimbob is a graduate and former instructor for the Jewelry Arts and Design College in Los Angeles, California. He now has over ten thousand hours of hands on work in the craft including carving,  casting, polishing, setting and more. Each new Jenny and Jimbob pendant was originally hand carved by Jimbob in a converted garage. Often times customers will ask us where we get our charms and we humorously say, “Well, first I think about them in my head and then we make them with our hands.” Jimbob thinks the pendants are too imperfect to look like they have come from China. I think it’s that raw artisan quality and our brand of sweet humor that makes our pendants so irresistible.


Jenny, Jennifer Hall Pellitteri is a full time actress in Los Angeles. And the matchbox necklaces are her vision and obsession. She was sick of seeing all of the girls in LA and on television wearing all of the same charm necklaces so she put together the matchbox line that consists of ordinary and unusual objects like a toilet plunger or vacuum cleaner dipped in gold. She then pairs them with a sassy saying to put on a brightly colored cover to go on top of the matchbox. Then, she hires her actor/artist friends in between gigs to help her assemble all of the jewelry. Now instead of seeing girls walking around wearing hearts and peace symbols she is starting to see girls wearing gold toilets and gas nozzles.