As Jimbob was leaving to go to the studio he told me to do something productive with my day. Apparently, his idea of “productive” does not involve putting eyeballs on broccoli or sweaty cucumbers and then tweeting them to Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling only to be grossly ignored. I don’t blame them though, it might be slightly off putting to have a stranger tweeting you vegetables. Especially if you don’t like vegetables. I personally, am not a huge broccoli fan. But I do love those two ladies and somehow, someway I will make them love me back. (In the most uncreepy way possible.)  . . .So, instead,  this is what I did:

Web Page Not Available

If there is a computer genius out there who would like to edumicate me on how to put an actual video box on my blog that would be very, very appreciated.

Happy Tuesday!