I really need a hobby. So instead I wrote this song. It’s about finding a freakishly long hair on my face.

Freakishly Long Hair (On My Face)

Verse 1

I found a freakishly long hair on my face today.

Well, I was just ha-appy that it wasn’t grey.

It grew exactly where whiskers grow at

Like I’m some kind of lion or a krazy cat.

And when I looked closer, can’t believe what I saw

There were several more just below my jaw.


And then the tweezers came out

It was a World War

There were no casualties

Twas just a war on my face.

I Started a war . . . on my face.

Verse 2

The hairs they laughed at me in protest

Dodging my tweezers with a skill so adept.

I never knew they taught follicular ju-jitsu

But even the babies seemed to know it too.


That’s when the razors came out.

It was a World War

And then the Nair came out.

There were no casualties.

‘Twas Just a war on my face.

I started a war. . .on my face.

In other news, We will be at Unique LA this weekend (May 5 & 6)

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