Jimmy's such a good sleeper

Where do all my mornin’ people be at?! <<crickets>>

But seriously. I am a morning person. I love the mornings. I love looking out the window at my yard filled with giant weeds and pretending its an english rose garden. I love drinking my tea with the door open and listening to the garbage trucks pick up yesterday’s dredges throughout the neighborhood; clearing the way for new, unexpected trash.  I love listening to wacky morning radio DJ’s. I love making my morning lists (which I will get more in depth in another post . . .lists. . .squeee!) Did I mention I love Mornings?

One person who doesn’t love mornings is . . .Jimbob. He can sleep, and sleep, and sleep. That boy loves to sleep. I’ve often said that, in spite of being geniusly talented on multiple levels (he makes jewlery, builds houses, an amazing fine artist in any medium, and writes/plays music, designs furniture. . .etc.), his greatest talent is sleeping. I’ve also been known to wake him up mid-sleep to let him know just “how well” he’s sleeping.  In case you are wondering. . .this is not what he considers my greatest trait.

Here is my poem dedicated to all of those delightful people who wake up early in the morning for no reason at all. . .like I do.

Ode to the People of the Morning by Jennifer Hall

To those who get a jump start on life

by waking up before the sunrise

and accomplish things like reading a book

or taking a walk

or teaching your cactus how to talk.

For every bird that gets a worm,

and every stone that starts to turn,

and every drop of morning dew

is an orchestral majesty composed

just for you.

Happy Day!