Okay, we are in the middle of January and I have been reading a bunch of New Years Resolution posts so I have been wanting to post mine.  And my first goal was to get my new years resolution post written and posted before the end of January. So when I post this, my first goal will be met. (I like to put easy ones in there just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something.)

We focused the last year on being Masterful and Magnificent. Taking our business beyond where we thought was possible.

This past year has been a big learning experience for me and Jimbob. We went from having 2 years of us doing everything ourselves. Like everything. To having interns, a sales team and press team. And while it was really hard to let go and give over important jobs to other people it was so necessary. 2011 saw us get into our first chain stores in London. And we have seen a major increase to our web traffic. Which is very exciting. And to be honest, 2010 was so huge for us that we were exhausted for most of 2011 so we were thankful for the growing team so that we didn’t have to physically do so much. Also in 2011 Jimbob made some huge steps in his custom jewelry doing some of the most beautiful wedding, engagement and “just cause” rings I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen his custom jewelry you should go check it out (www.peltaire.com ). Jimbob also started a new jewelry line called Stars and Stripes (www.starsandstripes.us) that was featured on the Today Show. And I have been very busy working on “Up All Night” on NBC (thurdays 9:30/8:30c) <—shameless plug, thank you very much!

As for 2012! We are focusing on being Charismatic. Which to us means being where you are, and doing what you are doing. Being present, passionate, and impeccable. Expanding our team and building symbiotic partnerships and teamwork everywhere. Which brings me to my personal goal list:

Goal 1.  Post 2012 goals. <—sweet

Goal 2. Be a joiner. I want to join groups. A sewing class. And a book club (a new one, my old one broke up after I suggested a book on voodoo for black history month). Which will give me Sub Goal 2.  Sew a dress. and Read 12 books. (1 a month. . .seriously Jennifer.)

Goal 3. Find new ways to express myself. I would love to write something. A book. An article. A new song. A script. And have it circulating through the atmosphere. Cyber or otherwise.

Goal 4. Get back into singing. Meet with a voice teacher or vocal coach atleast 12 times this year.

Goal 5. Travel!! I want to go to Europe with Jimbob soooo badly. Also, knock out the excuse, “I don’t have time.” ugh. . .it’s such a gross excuse. Life is so short. I will never have time to do anything, unless I make the time to do it. This includes traveling to see friends and family.

Goal 6. Come up with a hot new product for Jenny and Jimbob that is picked up by at least 100 stores. And add more products to our website.

Goal 7. Buy a car (this should be goal #1 but I really don’t want to do it, so I put it far down on the list).

Goal 8. Get a chicken or two.

Goal 9. Blog more. I really love writing but I get concerned about what I’m supposed to talk about on the Jenny and Jimbob blog which ends up keeping me from writing at all. So I will say 12 blog posts this year (one a month.)

This is a lot. (Along with 4 other super secret goals.) If I can do everything on this list then I will have a very fulfilling year.

I gotta run to a table read!!

Happy Day!