As some of you may have noticed through our other social networking sites, along with running  Jenny and Jimbob, I am also an actress.  I never wanted to talk about acting on this blog because I didn’t want to distract from Jenny and Jimbob. And plus I hate (love) talking about myself and didn’t want to bore you (get carried away).

But. . .

I am in a Fabulous new TV Series and I must shout it from the roof tops!!! It’s called Up All Night on NBC. It stars Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. And is geniusly funny. I hope. I haven’t seen any clips but the stars are genius and scripts always make me laugh out loud. Plus its from the producers of SNL and 30 Rock so it has to be good! It airs this Weds  (sept 14th, 2011) 10/9c after America’s Got Talent then it moves to 8/7c for the rest of the season.

Another reason to watch is . . . Me!! I play Maya Rudolph’s awkward and terrified assistant “Missy”. I have had so much fun shooting the episodes. But MORE IMPORTANTLY . . .I wear a JENNY AND JIMBOB  necklace in every episode. Sooo. . . Here’s a fun Contest.  It’s a “Wears Waldo Contest” and it goes like this:

As I said, I wear a different necklace in every episode. The first 5 people who:

1.) correctly identify the charm

2.) and match it with the saying

3.)within 1 hour after the original airing of each show will WIN that necklace.

You can submit your answer through the blog, Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter (www.twitter/jennyandjimbob or www.twitter/thejenniferhall)

I get alerts on my cell phone so any ties will go to the order that Sprint delivers to my phone.

Alright?! (I am trying to remember if I ever wore 2 different necklaces in an episode. . . I hope not . . .if so, there will be lots of winners.)

Please pass on to your friends.

Sweet Chicken Meat!