Hi everyone!

I’ve been gone for a minute. Bad blogger *slaps hand on wrist, realize I like it, and slaps the other one*. We have been busy traveling to craft shows and preparing new things to show at all of the upcoming trade shows. We have a bunch of new charms. As well as a super secret new line that is coming out, not under the Jenny and Jimbob brand, but our crazy brains will be behind it. When I have more details I will let you know. But the biggest change is that all of our new Jenny and Jimbob products will be missing one special key element. . . .It makes me really sad. We are discontinuing our adorable little matchboxes. They will still be available on our website but they will no longer be carried in retail stores.

We sat down with some key people and discovered that not everyone in the whole wide world are as quirky and creative as we are. And by “We” I mean you and us. We made this product for all of those people who had something funny, strange, most likely unacceptable thing to say to their best friend/mom/sister/co-worker. But surprise, not everyone wants to say those things. Plus the package size made it seem like a cheap trinket and we put alot of money and time making sure that the jewelry itself is good quality. A necklace you can wear and giggle about for a long time.

But not all is ch-ch-changing. The necklaces will still come in a matchbox. It will be bigger more substantial matchbox. And it will look entirely different. So different that you may accidentally buy it and not realize that it is from us. It will still have all of the parts that we feel capture the essence of Jenny and Jimbob. Our quirky charms. (We didn’t release the poop charm. Poop is definitely a summer item and will be sold as such.) We have lots of new ones that no one has seen. And they will still have our clever sayings on them.

We believe these changes will make our jewelry stand out and grow up and be something you can be proud to bring home to mom. We’ve been classifyied, ya’ll!

So if you see any of the little matchboxes in stores you should swoop ‘em up they won’t be coming back. (except on our website. . .hee-hee. . .commence phase 2 of world domination plan.)

Happy Friday!! Ooooh! It’s 4th of July this Monday! When you have a chance you should download a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Reading it as an adult always brings tears to my eyes. Seriously. I do a live reading of it with my friends every year. Whether they like it or not!

Stay Cute!