My Kind of Something Productive

As Jimbob was leaving to go to the studio he told me to do something productive with my day. Apparently, his idea of “productive” does not involve putting eyeballs on broccoli or sweaty cucumbers and then tweeting them to Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling only to be grossly ignored. I don’t blame them though, it might be slightly off putting to have a stranger tweeting you vegetables. Especially if you don’t like vegetables. I personally, am not a huge broccoli fan. But I do love those two ladies and somehow, someway I will make them love me back. (In the most uncreepy way possible.)  . . .So, instead,  this is what I did:

Web Page Not Available

If there is a computer genius out there who would like to edumicate me on how to put an actual video box on my blog that would be very, very appreciated.

Happy Tuesday!


Making Friends

When it’s hard to make friends some people go out to bars, others join a new club or meet up group. When I want to make friends. . ..

I just make them.

Aren’t they cute?! Talk about Friends with Benefits! These bad ass chica’s are packed with nutrients, fiber, and they don’t care if you respond to their text messages! And these gals aren’t just pretty faces. . .

They are famous! You may recognize them from TV shows like The New Girl, Mindy Project and Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

See! When you make your own friends, you can make them into anyone who you would like to hang out with but you just aren’t cool enough. Yet! Not cool enough Yet! Everyday is a new day for total coolness! And trust me, making your own friends and blogging about them makes you really cool.

See you at Lunch!


Freakishly Long Hair

I really need a hobby. So instead I wrote this song. It’s about finding a freakishly long hair on my face.

Freakishly Long Hair (On My Face)

Verse 1

I found a freakishly long hair on my face today.

Well, I was just ha-appy that it wasn’t grey.

It grew exactly where whiskers grow at

Like I’m some kind of lion or a krazy cat.

And when I looked closer, can’t believe what I saw

There were several more just below my jaw.


And then the tweezers came out

It was a World War

There were no casualties

Twas just a war on my face.

I Started a war . . . on my face.

Verse 2

The hairs they laughed at me in protest

Dodging my tweezers with a skill so adept.

I never knew they taught follicular ju-jitsu

But even the babies seemed to know it too.


That’s when the razors came out.

It was a World War

And then the Nair came out.

There were no casualties.

‘Twas Just a war on my face.

I started a war. . .on my face.

In other news, We will be at Unique LA this weekend (May 5 & 6)

Come see us!!


An Ode to Morning People

Jimmy's such a good sleeper

Where do all my mornin’ people be at?! <<crickets>>

But seriously. I am a morning person. I love the mornings. I love looking out the window at my yard filled with giant weeds and pretending its an english rose garden. I love drinking my tea with the door open and listening to the garbage trucks pick up yesterday’s dredges throughout the neighborhood; clearing the way for new, unexpected trash.  I love listening to wacky morning radio DJ’s. I love making my morning lists (which I will get more in depth in another post . . .lists. . .squeee!) Did I mention I love Mornings?

One person who doesn’t love mornings is . . .Jimbob. He can sleep, and sleep, and sleep. That boy loves to sleep. I’ve often said that, in spite of being geniusly talented on multiple levels (he makes jewlery, builds houses, an amazing fine artist in any medium, and writes/plays music, designs furniture. . .etc.), his greatest talent is sleeping. I’ve also been known to wake him up mid-sleep to let him know just “how well” he’s sleeping.  In case you are wondering. . .this is not what he considers my greatest trait.

Here is my poem dedicated to all of those delightful people who wake up early in the morning for no reason at all. . .like I do.

Ode to the People of the Morning by Jennifer Hall

To those who get a jump start on life

by waking up before the sunrise

and accomplish things like reading a book

or taking a walk

or teaching your cactus how to talk.

For every bird that gets a worm,

and every stone that starts to turn,

and every drop of morning dew

is an orchestral majesty composed

just for you.

Happy Day!


2012 New Years Resolutions

Okay, we are in the middle of January and I have been reading a bunch of New Years Resolution posts so I have been wanting to post mine.  And my first goal was to get my new years resolution post written and posted before the end of January. So when I post this, my first goal will be met. (I like to put easy ones in there just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something.)

We focused the last year on being Masterful and Magnificent. Taking our business beyond where we thought was possible.

This past year has been a big learning experience for me and Jimbob. We went from having 2 years of us doing everything ourselves. Like everything. To having interns, a sales team and press team. And while it was really hard to let go and give over important jobs to other people it was so necessary. 2011 saw us get into our first chain stores in London. And we have seen a major increase to our web traffic. Which is very exciting. And to be honest, 2010 was so huge for us that we were exhausted for most of 2011 so we were thankful for the growing team so that we didn’t have to physically do so much. Also in 2011 Jimbob made some huge steps in his custom jewelry doing some of the most beautiful wedding, engagement and “just cause” rings I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen his custom jewelry you should go check it out ( ). Jimbob also started a new jewelry line called Stars and Stripes ( that was featured on the Today Show. And I have been very busy working on “Up All Night” on NBC (thurdays 9:30/8:30c) <—shameless plug, thank you very much!

As for 2012! We are focusing on being Charismatic. Which to us means being where you are, and doing what you are doing. Being present, passionate, and impeccable. Expanding our team and building symbiotic partnerships and teamwork everywhere. Which brings me to my personal goal list:

Goal 1.  Post 2012 goals. <—sweet

Goal 2. Be a joiner. I want to join groups. A sewing class. And a book club (a new one, my old one broke up after I suggested a book on voodoo for black history month). Which will give me Sub Goal 2.  Sew a dress. and Read 12 books. (1 a month. . .seriously Jennifer.)

Goal 3. Find new ways to express myself. I would love to write something. A book. An article. A new song. A script. And have it circulating through the atmosphere. Cyber or otherwise.

Goal 4. Get back into singing. Meet with a voice teacher or vocal coach atleast 12 times this year.

Goal 5. Travel!! I want to go to Europe with Jimbob soooo badly. Also, knock out the excuse, “I don’t have time.” ugh. . .it’s such a gross excuse. Life is so short. I will never have time to do anything, unless I make the time to do it. This includes traveling to see friends and family.

Goal 6. Come up with a hot new product for Jenny and Jimbob that is picked up by at least 100 stores. And add more products to our website.

Goal 7. Buy a car (this should be goal #1 but I really don’t want to do it, so I put it far down on the list).

Goal 8. Get a chicken or two.

Goal 9. Blog more. I really love writing but I get concerned about what I’m supposed to talk about on the Jenny and Jimbob blog which ends up keeping me from writing at all. So I will say 12 blog posts this year (one a month.)

This is a lot. (Along with 4 other super secret goals.) If I can do everything on this list then I will have a very fulfilling year.

I gotta run to a table read!!

Happy Day!


#Occupywallstreet and Credit Unions vs Satan

I have been seeing all of the twitter talk about #occupywallstreet and it has gotten me excited. I have no idea what it’s about but I had been feeling a pull for a revolution ever since the economy took a vacation in the swiss alps. I knew it wouldn’t start in the white house like everyone was hoping, instead the revolution is happening in the streets. And unlike the Tea Party, which I know even less about other than that Sarah Palin has something to do with it and people in my family who I consider ultra-conservatives are all excited about it, this revolution involves people like me who just want people to stop being creepy.

Do you remember when checking accounts used to be free? And you didn’t get charged for going into the bank to talk to a person? And you could call the bank for assistance as many times as you needed? And you could receive paper statements to help with your record keeping?

Recently, after a disgusting trip to Shitty-skank, I was so fed up with my bank that I moved all of my money into a credit union. It was the most exciting day of my recent life. I felt so powerful! And what was awesome was that my new credit union had a customer appreciation day where they got an In-N-Out truck to give free hamburgers out to all of their customers! Bank of America NEVER did that! When I first got my new account i was worried that I wouldn’t have the ATM availability like I had with my bigger satanic bank, but most credit unions have deals with other credit unions and outlets. Like I can withdraw money from any 7-11. And when I walk into my credit union people are nice because a credit union is owned by it’s customers, not corporate stockholders who eat babies for breakfast. And get this. . . my checking account is FREE! FREE I TELL YOU!!

Here is a link that talks about this stuff in a way smarter way. Like way.

I am very excited about #occupywallstreet I hope it gets more focused and doesn’t cave to a McDonald’s sponsorship. I think the best way to participate is to move your business out of the greedy, grimey hands of corporate table benders and join a credit union in your neighborhood or business. (Credit Unions are usually able to offer better interest rates as well).

The end of the rant. Now here’s a picture of a cute kitten.



Up All Night and Contest

As some of you may have noticed through our other social networking sites, along with running  Jenny and Jimbob, I am also an actress.  I never wanted to talk about acting on this blog because I didn’t want to distract from Jenny and Jimbob. And plus I hate (love) talking about myself and didn’t want to bore you (get carried away).

But. . .

I am in a Fabulous new TV Series and I must shout it from the roof tops!!! It’s called Up All Night on NBC. It stars Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. And is geniusly funny. I hope. I haven’t seen any clips but the stars are genius and scripts always make me laugh out loud. Plus its from the producers of SNL and 30 Rock so it has to be good! It airs this Weds  (sept 14th, 2011) 10/9c after America’s Got Talent then it moves to 8/7c for the rest of the season.

Another reason to watch is . . . Me!! I play Maya Rudolph’s awkward and terrified assistant “Missy”. I have had so much fun shooting the episodes. But MORE IMPORTANTLY . . .I wear a JENNY AND JIMBOB  necklace in every episode. Sooo. . . Here’s a fun Contest.  It’s a “Wears Waldo Contest” and it goes like this:

As I said, I wear a different necklace in every episode. The first 5 people who:

1.) correctly identify the charm

2.) and match it with the saying

3.)within 1 hour after the original airing of each show will WIN that necklace.

You can submit your answer through the blog, Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter (www.twitter/jennyandjimbob or www.twitter/thejenniferhall)

I get alerts on my cell phone so any ties will go to the order that Sprint delivers to my phone.

Alright?! (I am trying to remember if I ever wore 2 different necklaces in an episode. . . I hope not . . .if so, there will be lots of winners.)

Please pass on to your friends.

Sweet Chicken Meat!


The Guild: Codex Staff Necklace

We are so excited to release our limited edition Codex Staff Necklace from The Guild! I have been a fan of the show and lobbying to do something with them for over a year now. And it is finally happening! Hooray! It is available for pre-order now, to be shipped mid-July. It will also be for sale at Comic Con!

You can watch episodes of The Guild here.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s basically about social outcasts (nerds, geeks etc.) who are gamers. (Like World of War Craft?) I think. I don’t play those games. I run a business that feels like an epic game that I can’t escape. But you don’t have to know anything about gaming to love the show. The crazy cast of characters have lives and issues come up that are similar in tone to Friends. It’s like, if all of the Friends cast were big ole’ nerds and rather than sharing an apartment they talk over the computer, and instead of gathering at the coffee shop they meet at comic book conventions.

Felicia Day is the brains behind the web series, and has won numerous awards for the show. Through her grass roots model for creating the show and domination of social media  (before the rest of us even knew that our keyboards could tweet), Felicia launched herself and The Guild to cult status. The Guild is known as one of the pioneer web series and has partnered with Microsoft to launch the highly anticipated Season 5. Which will happen any day. . . I can feel it. . . I mean the twitterverse is seriously about to erupt. . . .and Comic Con is right around the corner. . .arrghh I can hardly take it!

So be the first to get a piece of The Guild bling with the Codex Staff Necklace.

Happy Thursday! Jimbob and I are going in for our yearly check ups this morning (that we have missed for the last 2 years). I’ll let you know how it goes. Go get yours!

Stay Cute!



Hi everyone!

I’ve been gone for a minute. Bad blogger *slaps hand on wrist, realize I like it, and slaps the other one*. We have been busy traveling to craft shows and preparing new things to show at all of the upcoming trade shows. We have a bunch of new charms. As well as a super secret new line that is coming out, not under the Jenny and Jimbob brand, but our crazy brains will be behind it. When I have more details I will let you know. But the biggest change is that all of our new Jenny and Jimbob products will be missing one special key element. . . .It makes me really sad. We are discontinuing our adorable little matchboxes. They will still be available on our website but they will no longer be carried in retail stores.

We sat down with some key people and discovered that not everyone in the whole wide world are as quirky and creative as we are. And by “We” I mean you and us. We made this product for all of those people who had something funny, strange, most likely unacceptable thing to say to their best friend/mom/sister/co-worker. But surprise, not everyone wants to say those things. Plus the package size made it seem like a cheap trinket and we put alot of money and time making sure that the jewelry itself is good quality. A necklace you can wear and giggle about for a long time.

But not all is ch-ch-changing. The necklaces will still come in a matchbox. It will be bigger more substantial matchbox. And it will look entirely different. So different that you may accidentally buy it and not realize that it is from us. It will still have all of the parts that we feel capture the essence of Jenny and Jimbob. Our quirky charms. (We didn’t release the poop charm. Poop is definitely a summer item and will be sold as such.) We have lots of new ones that no one has seen. And they will still have our clever sayings on them.

We believe these changes will make our jewelry stand out and grow up and be something you can be proud to bring home to mom. We’ve been classifyied, ya’ll!

So if you see any of the little matchboxes in stores you should swoop ‘em up they won’t be coming back. (except on our website. . .hee-hee. . .commence phase 2 of world domination plan.)

Happy Friday!! Ooooh! It’s 4th of July this Monday! When you have a chance you should download a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Reading it as an adult always brings tears to my eyes. Seriously. I do a live reading of it with my friends every year. Whether they like it or not!

Stay Cute!


Potatoes + Kittens = Mother’s Day!

Whether you are confused, iffy or just plain tired of all the Osama B. talk, we are here to cheer you up and change the subject! Let’s start with some fun pictures of everyone’s favorite cheerer-upper…


Speaking of kittens, we have found another “species” that has adorable young as well… POTATOES! A less conventional cheer-upper, but one that works nevertheless. Here are some fabulous “potato babies”!

Now, we think that either of these make a perfect Mother’s day gift. But if you can’t put the time and effort into an actual living kitten, potato babies work just as well! Or even this adorable “potato prince”:

So if you are looking around for a last minute mother’s day gift (apart from a fab J&J necklace, of course!), these cute little potato babies do the trick! Or perhaps a kitten in a Pop-tart box…